Now What?

1.        Will So You Got into Medical School . . . Now What? help get me ready for medical school exams?

 Yes, this book will guide you on how to study for medical school exams with maximum efficiency and minimum anxiety. It will also show you how to avoid common medical student pitfalls and how to best manage your study time. Specifically described are techniques for learning, techniques for being efficient, and steps you can take to avoid the excessive stress and anxiety associated with test taking.

2.        Will this book help me prepare for the USMLE Step 1?

 Yes, So You Got into Medical School . . . Now What? contains a section on how to get organized and prepare to study for the Step 1, from what materials you should use and to how much you should study each day to what to do on the test day itself. In addition, separate sections address the Step 2 CS and Step 2 CK.

3.        What parts of medical school are covered in this book?

 The entirety of medical school is covered in this book, from the first day of class spent trying to keep up in a lecture until the last clinical rotation—and everything in between.

 4.        I’m already a couple of years into medical school. Will this book be helpful?

 Even if you are already doing well in medical school, this book will be of value to you. It will help you excel in your current classwork by offering efficient study methods and tips. It will also help you navigate difficult clinical rotations, as well as provide details about creating a good fourth year schedule and applying to residency.

5.        Will this book show me what medical school is really like?

 Every chapter starts with a vignette of a typical medical student experience, from the anxiety felt on the first day of class to a difficult day on a clinical rotation. These vignettes are written from a student’s perspective and based on the author’s firsthand knowledge. They are meant to project you into the body of a medical student so you can become immersed in the sights, sounds, and feelings of a typical medical student experience.

6.        Does this book cover applying to residency?

Yes, applying to residency is covered in detail. This book will show you how to obtain letters of recommendation, how many programs you should apply to, where you should apply to, how you can find a program that is right for you, and many other nuances. In addition, an entire chapter is dedicated to navigating the residency interview successfully.

 7.        How do I know that the material in this book will be applicable to my medical school?

 While medical schools’ curricula may differ slightly, they are usually very similar as schools essentially have to teach the same information and provide similar clinical experiences. This book provides general guidelines for studying and succeeding that are applicable to any medical school experience.

 8.        Can I buy a Kindle version of the book?

 Yes. So You Got into Medical School . . . Now What? is available in both soft cover and Kindle editions.

 9.        Is medical school really as difficult as everyone says it is?

 Medical school is definitely challenging, especially when you don’t have a well-thought-out, tested game plan for approaching it. This book will help prevent you from making the mistakes that so many medical students have made in the past and allow you to avoid turning a challenging experience into an extremely difficult one.

 10.       Does this book mention anything about away rotations?

 Yes, one chapter in the book is devoted to the away rotation. It will help you decide whether you should do an away rotation, how many you should do, and where you should do them, as well as discuss how to apply to away rotations and how to do well on them.